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Thread: CDAN August 04th 2014 - She Is Good

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    Blind Item #1
    The never spoken about child of this A list mostly movie actress has been cut off from funds by mom, so he steals to make ends meet. It seems mom didn't want to bankroll the drugs any longer.
    Popular Guess: Susan Sarandon's son

    Blind Item #2 - Easy Easy Easy
    This A+ list rapper has been keeping his indiscretions quiet while in other parts of the country, but was busted over the weekend by numerous spies bringing this D list beauty queen turned actress back to his hotel with him. She looks like a younger version of the French model he had the long term fling with.
    Popular Guess: Jay Z

    Blind Item #3
    Almost as soon as this foreign born A list mostly mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee leaves her home and her country her husband is marching young actress after young actress through their bedroom in search of a "special talent."
    Popular Guesses: Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, PenÚlope Cruz and Javier Bardem

    Blind Item #4
    This former View host got called out at a party for wearing knockoff designer jewelry after going through a long story about how some guy she is dating gave it all to her and spends thousands of dollars on her. When she was confronted about the authenticity of the stuff she grabbed a swag bag and fled.
    Popular Guess: Star Jones

    Blind Item #5
    This former A list mostly television actress turned A list movie actress turned can't get work actress has been skipping table reads and has not gone through a day yet of her new television show without throwing some kind of tantrum. The most recent was about the quality of the bottled water.
    Popular Guess: Katherine Heigl

    Blind Item #6
    This Glee actress not named Naya Rivera tried to get back at an A list mostly movie actress guesting on the show who said some true, but awful things about the Glee actress by hitting on the significant other of the A lister who passed despite not known for his fidelity.
    Popular Guess: Lea Michele and Kate Hudson

    Blind Item #7
    This former B list mostly television actor from a long long running network hit that is finally on its last legs gave away most of his money to a church and is essentially homeless. Millions gone.
    Popular Guess: Angus T. Jones

    Blind Item #8
    This former Desperate Housewife took a meeting to be on Real Housewives. The producers decided there is a difference between fake mean and catty and someone who said she would turn the show into a living hell for every cast member. Yeah, the producers passed. I think it would have been brilliant.
    Popular Guess: Nicollette Sheridan

    Blind Item #9
    This A list music mogul/former reality star cheated on his celebrity wife with a model he met while his wife was in the hospital for a month.
    Popular Guess: David Foster and Yolanda

    Blind Item #10
    A waitress is asking for six figures to tell her story of the two separate nights she spent in July with this soon to be married A+ list mostly movie actor.
    Popular Guesses: George Clooney, Johnny Depp

    Today's Blind Items - She Is Good
    I have seen and heard of some great extortion and blackmail plots in Hollywood. Most of them involve photos kept under wraps in exchange for money or access. There is of course Harvey Levin's personal stash of J Edgar Hoover worthy stuff which keeps those interviews coming and all those insider tips from one certain family. Anyway, I never thought I would see someone pull one over on this foreign born A+ list mogul/reality star/producer. Usually it is he who is making the deal and putting someone in their place. There was one time that an ex got an upper hand on him but she eventually lost her leverage and now she ends up having sex with him when he wants it and she is reliant on his hand outs again. There is a B list reality star from his home country that managed to get the mogul though. You can talk about his sex life all you want and release whatever you want and he doesn't care. Drugs though. That is a different story. People are far less tolerant about drug use than sex. It turns out the pair used to have sex together all the time. Hey, it is what he does with all the talent he finds attractive. Or employees. Or strippers. Anyone really. He ended up at her place one night which is something he never does. Always a neutral site or his place. Always. Why? Exactly for this reason. She nailed him. On video doing drugs and it wasn't just pot. He tried to get back at her when she threatened him because she needed money but she won. Big time and now he is seriously kissing her butt to the point where she is going to be an even bigger pain than she used to when he was trying to humble her. She is going to get some huge payback and it has already started with that 8 figure paycheck she just got from him. 8 figures.
    Popular Guess: Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole/Tulisa/Terri Seymour

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    Blind Item #10
    A waitress is asking for six figures to tell her story of the two separate nights she spent in July with this soon to be married A+ list mostly movie actor.

    Clooney is known for non-disclosure agreements with his hook-ups. Ashton Kutcher came to mind.
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