Blind Item #1
This just turned A list singer with the funny name has record executives begging her to begin her next record because her current one is doing so well. The only problem is that the married A list rapper/reality star she traded sex for lyrics last time wants more than just sex. he also wants money this time. Plus, she will have to explain to her boyfriend about the whole thing which she really doesn't want to do.
Popular Guess: Iggy Azalea

Blind Item #2
The publicist of this A list mostly movie actress with the Academy Award has called in all kinds of favors and our actress has also done some spinning. They are trying to make it look like our actress is trying to save her marriage and that her celebrity soon to be ex keeps ruining it by sleeping with other women. Meanwhile of course our actress has two or three guys she is sleeping with while she looks for new funding.
Popular Guess: Gwyneth Paltrow

Blind Item #3 -Comic-Con
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who doesn't seem to work much because it gets in the way of his partying managed to convince this B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show to go back to his hotel room where he tried for a minute but failed to launch and then passed out.
Popular Guess: Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev

Blind Item #4 - Comic-Con
This B list mostly television actor who has worked steadily for over a decade on different shows has a big A list chance coming soon and his people wanted him to hang out with a bunch of models and Playboy bunnies and he did, but looked so uncomfortable and so awkward and he just does not do well around women despite his acting talent. He should just come out.
Popular Guess: Ben McKenzie

Blind Item #5-Comic -Con
This almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show was up to his old tricks again this weekend. Out of his mind drunk there were no breasts he refused to try and grope or butts to grab. There is nothing he loves more than an open bar and groupies.
Popular Guess: Norman Reedus

Blind Item #6- Comic-Con
This former B list tweener actress from a very hit network tweener show has not been in anything in almost a decade but keeps trying to get noticed any way she can. The married actress was practically naked at the last red carpet she hit and at Comic-Con she said she was willing to get naked if it would get her pic in the tabloids. She was all over every guy in the place too.
Popular Guess: Maitland Ward

Blind Item #7- Comic-Con
This actor/sometime porn star who has B list name recognition says that he also made a sex tape with Farrah Abraham but that he wouldn't play the pretend boyfriend game so she got James Deen. She still has the video though so he expects her to sell it at some point.
Popular Guesses: Ray J, Simon Rex

Crazy Days and Nights: blind item