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Thread: CDAN July 25th 2014 - A Most Interesting Beard

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    Default CDAN July 25th 2014 - A Most Interesting Beard

    Blind Item #1
    This A list mostly movie actress is recently married. She is also in non-stop fight mode with her new husband. It might have something to do with the fact that he thought they conceived the old fashioned way and she didn't tell him until after it was a done deal that she got pregnant in a lab and didn't even use his sperm.
    Popular Guess: Zoe Saldana

    Blind Item #2
    This rapper/singer combination recently reunited but it doesn't mean they are getting along. Apparently there was a huge fight when they discovered they were booked on the same flight out of town after a recent show so this female A list rapper/singer played peacemaker and arranged for the pair to sit as far away from each other as possible in first class while she sat in between them to make sure nothing happened on the flight.
    Popular Guess: Chris Brown, Drake and Nicki Minaj

    Blind Item #3
    This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor was given a second chance by his A+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The second chance was really a third or fourth because he was always cheating. He is doing it again now with a celebrity who seems to make the rounds of B+ list actors from this country.
    Popular Guess: Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and Riley Keough

    Blind Item #4
    If you want to see a guy absolutely go crazy just have him be this possessive clingy B list celebrity who sometimes performs in a band and then have his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend tell him that she wants to meet up with a couple she enjoys threesomes with. I think she is going to go anyway and just not tell him. I hope he finds out and would love to be there when he does.
    Popular Guess: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

    Blind Item #5
    If this C list mostly movie actress thought her A list mostly television actor was going to start being home more often now that his long running hit show is finally ending its run then she is going to be sad. Our actor is trying desperately to find movies that only film a long way from home so he can keep on having fun with women and not having to deal with his long time girlfriend.
    Popular Guess: Jon Hamm

    Blind Item #6
    One thing missing from the reality show of this B list mostly television actress is the ending of her marriage and the new guy in her life. She really wanted the world to think she has a rock solid marriage.
    Popular Guess: Leah Remini

    Four For Friday- A Most Interesting Beard
    one took some piecing together and the problem for all of you is that two of the three people involved in this are pretty random and not easy people to classify. I debated even bothering with it, but it is such an interesting and convoluted way to cheat on someone and the third person involved is a big name and has supposedly a rock solid marriage that in the end it was too good to pass up. Let's start with the sole female in this blind. She has been an actress for a couple of decades. Very attractive. She has had some hits and misses with the emphasis on misses. A few network series to her credit where she ended up in a few handful of episodes to go with her filling in the gaps with one off guest roles. Movies are there too and it is in one of those movies that she met her future lover. The lover is unique in that at one time he was almost A+ list in movies and he has also been A+ list in television. That kind of cross over doesn't happen often. A multiple Emmy winner he would have won an Academy Award too if not for a really freaky set of circumstances. He is closer to old than aging. Been married forever. For most of the time he has been with our actress he was able to keep things quiet and hidden from his wife and family. Over the past six months though, things have started to happen which has led to holes cracking in his story. So, with the help of his son of all people he found a guy who is bi-sexual and mainly does gay porn. For a nice sum of money which is more than the porn star makes each year our older actor set up the porn star with the actress/mistress and arranged for some news leaks the couple is dating which is harder than it sounds because they are such bit players in the entertainment universe. A few of those news stories made their way into the actor's wife's hands and now she is convinced her long time faithful husband is just that. Problem solved for now.
    Popular Guess: Martin Sheen and Alex Meneses

    Mr. X Blind Items Part One
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part One
    1) Which east coast Real Housewife and sometime actress is not gaining any friends at her new gig? She ordered that the rest of the dressing rooms be moved miles away from hers. Some angry cast members blew up her iPhone with texts calling her a b**ch, etc.
    2) Which A-list funny lady who divides her time between movies and TV found out soon after dating her new boyfriend that he likes guys as well as girls? She's fine with that, but she's hesitant on telling her kids.

    Mr. X Blind Items Part Two
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part Two
    3) Which two mostly TV actors who are supposed dating are being seen together because they might be playing a couple in an upcoming movie and they're doing this as "research"?
    4) What female rapper and sometime reality star's PR team and road crew consists mainly of lesbians? Is she trying to send a message?

    Mr. X Blind Items Part Three
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part Three
    5) What political power couple were once described as the "new FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt"? Yes, it's that kind of arrangement.
    6) Remember that rock star spawn who's writing a roman a clef? Well, she's going to expose one B/C-list actress in particular who she despises. She thinks the actress had a hand in her late son's death.

    Mr. X Blind Items Part Four
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part Four
    7) What young actor who is currently on a BBC sitcom thought he could go incognito into the infamous gay nightclub Heaven, but his cover was blown when an overweight female fan screamed his name after spotting him outside the club?
    8) Which A-list (for now) actress' is finally letting her cranky side show? Allegedly she's not happy with her latest film's b.o. performance and is venting on anybody and everybody. She's not normally like this.

    Mr. X Blind Items Part Five
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part Five
    9) What former tweener turned A/B-list mostly movie actor is in negotiations to make his Broadway debut in Hedwig and the Angry Inch after Andrew Rannells' run? Will this be his official coming out statement?
    10) Which singer, who is currently the temporary front man for a legendary rock group, was spotted backstage smoking a joint, even though he says he's sober?

    Mr. X Blind Items Part Six
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Items Part Six
    11) What late night host and reality show producer pulled a "don't you know who I am?" at a restaurant after they said they had no more open tables?
    12) What bisexual supermodel was spotted getting intimate with her new bff, a former tweener turned B-list singer/actress?

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    #12 - Carla Delevingne and Selena Gomez?
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    10 would be Adam Lambert I suppose

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