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Thread: CDAN July 16th 2014 - The Sister

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    Default CDAN July 16th 2014 - The Sister

    Blind Item #1
    This former A list singer who still has A list name recognition thanks to his music and past dating life had a pair of binoculars while sitting at a hotel pool in Vegas. He also had an employee of the pool at his side who would go up to women our singer thought was interesting and ask them to spend a few minutes alone with the singer in his cabana. He did this until he found someone willing to go back to his room.
    Popular Guess: John Mayer

    Blind Item #2
    This B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show who used to be a much bigger star on an almost network back in the day thinks she and her actor boyfriend are working through some issues. He is working through them by sleeping with an actress on his show.
    Popular Guess: Keri Russell

    Blind Item #3
    This B list mostly movie actress is clinging to B list fame. She didn't even bother bringing her boyfriend to a recent premiere because she knew the actor/director of the movie would end up wanting to hook up with her like he did when they were filming.
    Popular Guess: Kate Hudson/Ashley Greene and Zach Braff

    Blind Item #4
    This C list mostly television actor who is giving reality a shot was drunk in a hotel bar two nights ago complaining about his celebrity wife and said he dreaded going back to their hotel room. Shortly thereafter she came and dragged him out of the bar and when he started to protest she gave him the meanest look and whispered something into his ear and he got up and left with her.
    Popular Guess: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

    Blind Item #5
    Network executives had planned a week on how exactly to be able to discreetly pull this former almost A list mostly movie actress out of an event in front of press because they expected her to show up drunk for the event. To their surprise she was stone cold sober and was the life of the event and the press raved about her and was as charming as the days when she was popular for being something other than a train wreck.
    Popular Guess: Tara Reid

    Blind Item #6
    This combined A list acting couple who are probably B+ individually are both foreign born. She focuses primarily on movies and he on television. They have been together forever but have gone through so many issues lately that they flew in their counselor for two quick sessions while they were out of LA together.
    Popular Guesses: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

    Blind Item #7
    This B list mostly television actress who has a funny nickname on this site thought her actor ex was cheating on her. She just had no idea it was with an A list mostly movie actor. When she found out, she split with her now ex.

    Blind Item #8
    This A- list mostly movie actress tried to recreate the subway sex scene from Risky Business with her now ex celebrity girlfriend but could never end up having an empty subway car long enough to finish. They even had a guy there to photograph it for them.
    Popular Guess: Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

    Blind Item #9
    This is clueless. The wife of this A list celebrity/talk show host was spotted talking to this B list mostly television actress. The wife couldn't understand why the actress kept wanting to get away from her. It was only later she discovered the actress was the ex of the A lister.
    Popular Guess: Jimmy Fallon's wife and Jordana Brewster

    Today's Blind Items - The Sister
    This one is short, but it is super freaky. This A list mostly movie actress who hangs on to A list because of a past and future project in the works is married. Before she got married though she and her now husband were drinking with the sister of the actress. Our A lister then told her now husband that he wanted him to have sex with the sister of the actress. Our actress went to bed and left the two others to have sex. Apparently this is not the first time the actress had her boyfriends do this. Definitely will be revealed.
    Popular Guesses: Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana

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    "The Sister" doesn't make sense. Pronoun problem?

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    I'm lost too, Mo.

    I'm even more stumped by #7.
    "I am a social vegan; I avoid meet! Anonymous Introvert

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    The sister says that Scarlett/Zoe wanted her husband to have sex with her sister. Scarlett's sister is a bit older than her, I think.

    Also, my best friend is the cousin of Ashley Greene and she always used to say how she was a bitch so it's amusing to read these BIs.

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