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Thread: CDAN July 14th 2014 - She Tried To Keep The Stuff

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    Default CDAN July 14th 2014 - She Tried To Keep The Stuff

    Blind Item #1
    This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actress was in this space not that long ago about her new movie. Apparently she got the role by sleeping with a director of one of her movies and his wife.
    Popular Guess: Selena Gomez

    Blind Item #2
    This former cable reality star from a show that seems to go on forever was hosting a party over the weekend and kept wanting to get naked because she thought it would help things get exciting. The more she drank, the more insistent she became until the reality star/mother was asked to leave her own event.
    Popular Guess: Farrah Abraham

    Blind Item #3
    This B- list mostly movie actress/part-time singer just can't seem to learn her lesson. This time though, the married guy she is seeing has a wife who is expecting a baby.
    Popular Guesses: Anna Kendrick, Katharine McPhee

    Blind Item #4
    This B list mostly television actress who has one big role in the past decade to her name, but it is a big show, hooked up with a much younger female than her long time significant other. The coupling occurred when the actress spent some time apart from her significant other.
    Popular Guesses: Portia de Rossi, Cynthia Nixon

    Blind Item #5
    This A list mostly television actor has been driving his assistants crazy while in Europe scouring the tiny town they were in for coke. The actor finally had to have some delivered by private jet from a city an hour away.
    Popular Guess: Charlie Sheen

    Blind Item #6
    The husband of this east coast Real Housewife was recently on vacation with his wife, but still found time to ditch her for a strip club. Not Mario and Ramona or Joe Giudice.
    Popular Guess: Joe Gorga

    Blind Item #7
    This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress is being investigated for spending vast sums of money which were supposed to go to her business but ended up in her bank account. Someone really close to her is now bankrupt because of it.
    Popular Guess: Sienna Miller

    Blind Item #8
    Now that this A- list mostly television actress is not working as much, she is cheating on her husband with one of the creators of her former show.
    Popular Guess: Alyson Hannigan

    Today's Blind Items- She Tried To Keep The Stuff
    Part of the problem when you start demanding gifts from your suitor is that sometimes the suitor will end up wanting the gifts back, especially when you start trash talking him in front of his business associates. Such is the case of this list reality star from an A list reality cable franchise. She was flaunting all of her gifts that she had received from her suitor and it was an impressive haul. Missing from the haul though was actual cash. Most of the really expensive gifts were still in his name. Sure, there was some jewelry he gave her, but she is not desperate enough to sell it yet. She will be though because she thinks her new boyfriend is going to be able to give her the same life she had with her husband and her suitor, but they are worlds apart in income, despite the profession of her current boyfriend.

    Anyway, while at a gathering with her suitor, our reality star began complaining about who her new suitor was not man enough because he wasn't also giving her cash and that she should find someone who would also take care of her financially and started hitting on the suitor's friends in front of the suitor himself and made it perfectly clear that she would be willing to start something with one of them or all of them if they would also provide cash to go with the gifts. That was enough for the suitor to start having all the possessions he could repossessed from our reality star and shutting down lines of credit he opened for her and just making her life even worse than what it was. She also had taken out some loans from people using the name of her suitor, but now will be forced to get money from family or her new boyfriend to make good on those debts.
    Popular Guesses: Porsha Stewart, Khloé Kardashian

    Mr. X Blind Item #1
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Item #1
    What currently pregnant actress is using her baby to win back her ex? He's already moved on from her and is currently playing the field. What he doesn't know is that the actress' longtime boyfriend and one-time fiancé is actually the father of the baby, after the actress had a brief reunion with him.

    Mr. X Blind Item #2
    Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Item #2
    Which A+ list mostly television actress who's a legend in the medium thanks to two shows which are constantly in reruns might not live to see the rest of the year? She's currently in a coma at an NYC hospital and her family is preparing for the worst.

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    Guess for Mr X #2 is Mary Tyler Moore (I has a sad).

    Guess for Mr X #1 is Mendes/Gosling.

    (both from the site)
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    About Mr. X#1: So who is supposed the real father of the kid? Isn't Gosling her longtime boyfriend?

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