Blind Item #1
This NBA coach isn't even discreet when cheating on his wife now. He picked up a woman at a bar the other night and took her to a corner of a VIP section and did as much as they could there for 20 minutes before he sent her on her way.
Popular Guess: Jason Kidd

Blind Item #2
This HBO actress made a mess of everything when she showed up wasted to an event and knocked down racks of clothes and stumbled around the place talking about how she is a star.
Popular Guesses: Zosia Mamet, Lena Headey

Blind Item #3
Consdering her first experience with coke was less than a year ago, this former A list tweener turned awful B list mostly movie actress was snorting lines like a pro at a hotel pool two nights ago.
Popular Guess: Selena Gomez

Blind Item #4
This B list celebrity/former actress/former host is in a big hurry to get married so she can stop making appearances to support herself. She wants her soon to be husband to do that.
Popular Guess: Jenny McCarthy

Mr. X Blind Item #1
Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Item #1
Which A++ list couple are deflecting attention from the lady's drug use finally coming to light? They're feeding the press fake info about their wedding, even though they supposedly eloped years ago.

Mr. X Blind Item #2
Crazy Days and Nights: Mr. X Blind Item #2
What multi-dated mogul is showing early signs of Alzheimer's? He's been calling up members of his staff at odd, random hours and screaming at them about items of business completed months ago.

Crazy Days and Nights: blind item