Blind Item #1
This former A list mostly movie actor and this B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show prefer to do their chasing of women together. This way, both of the married actors have an on hand alibi when their wives get suspicious.
Popular Guess: Edward Norton/Tobey Maguire and Andrew Lincoln

Blind Item #2
This B list celebrity offspring who has made a name for herself hosting was so wasted out of her mind at a red carpet event she was supposed to host for a Chinese company that they actually had to get a reporter who was covering it for a different employer to fill in. Our offspring needs rehab again.
Popular Guess: Kelly Osbourne

Blind Item #3
There is always a reason this foreign born B list singer/part-time actress has sex with someone. This time it was for drugs and cash and promises of a future business endeavor she has wanted for a long time.
Popular Guess: Rita Ora and Richard Hilfiger

Blind Item #4
This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actress got into a huge fight with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend because she stopped eating to land a new role. When the couple went to dinner and she only ordered a side salad with no dressing the two started fighting and she walked out.
Popular Guess: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Blind Item #5
This celebrity offspring yelled at his former A list celebrity wife to be when she started to lay out by the pool this weekend in a bikini. He told her that her body was for him only so she covered back up and sat there humiliated because he did it in front of a crowd.
Popular Guess: Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

Blind Item #6
This hanging on to A list singer when part of a group, but B list when solo is back using again and her husband has no idea.
Popular Guess: Fergie

Blind Item #7
This A list celebrity/former A list reality star/does other things is married with kids and got a breast enlargement on her very skinny frame to pose for Playboy. She says she is natural. Ha.
Popular Guess: Nicole Richie

Blind Item #8
Before this past week it was just coke and booze for this former almost A list mostly movie actress. Now she has started using heroin. It won't be long before she overdoses because she is in love with the drug.
Popular Guesses: Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid

Blind Item #9
This B list singer who is married to a former A list singer turned part-time actress is cheating on his wife with this indie movie queen who is his ex.
Popular Guess: Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore and Parker Posey

Blind Item #10
This former A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is much like an old character he played and spends his days walking and digging through trash cans and then turns in cans for money at the end of each day.
Popular Guess: Nick Nolte

Today's Blind Items - The Stroke
This actor used to be A list. Actually, if you include his franchise, which is all he really did, he was probably A+ list. Movies. On top of the world. Started spending money and doing drugs like crazy. He blew millions of dollars on women and booze and drugs and ended up having a stroke. A bad one. Drug related. The story has always been that he just didn't want to act any longer. Nope. He couldn't. He couldn't remember lines and he had a speech issue and he had trouble with his physical movements. When he was all set to make a comeback in another installment of his franchise he did physical therapy for almost a year before they started shooting, but it just wasn't quite the same. He looked ok, but his timing was off and he couldn't do the same things he did before. He did get a huge paycheck though. Monstrous and blew a lot of it on drugs again and had another stroke. This time he vowed to never use drugs again and is slowly regaining his old form. He has a new woman in his life who also is his sober coach. Our actor is still really young, so hopefully he can get it all together and be back on top like he used to be.
Popular Guesses: Brendan Fraser, Chris Tucker