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Thread: CDAN January 08th 2014 - He's Miserable

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    Default CDAN January 08th 2014 - He's Miserable

    Blind Item #1
    Distraction works well when you had a lip injection gone wrong and are trying everything you can to get the swelling down to normal. This A list reality star hasn't been seen in a few days because she had a horrible allergic reaction to some lip injections. What you have been seeing on the internet is not recent.

    Blind Item #2
    This B list mostly movie actress is back on the booze and cheating on her long time amazing girlfriend while the girlfriend is out of the country in Asia for a month. Lets not forget the cheatee who seems to be going out of her way to create a love triangle between two women while trying to stay in the closet. It's getting really tough to do and all those fans who want her together with a certain celebrity and didn't know she was gay are in for a shocker.

    Blind Item #3
    This Academy Award winner/nominee who is aging but will be good looking forever was up to his old tricks again this week. He played his favorite game of flirting with married women and then groping them and seeing which women were receptive to hi responses. He never goes to places where single women gather and prefers the married vibe. He gets the phone numbers of the interested ones and then invites them over. They probably think they are going to get hours of fun and pleasure and they get about 30 minutes of quick sex before they are shown the door. The guy is not shy about touching women in front of their husbands. All over.

    Blind Item #4
    This still A list mostly movie actress was doing a live television interview. It was the morning. She was in her dressing room. This was the actual conversation to get her to go out on stage.

    "Ms.____, we are ready for you now."
    "Hang on just a second, I need to do something first."
    Our actress then takes a little baggie out of her purse and lays out a little line of coke on the makeup table in the dressing room and snorts it right up.
    Actress- "I hate coffee, but I do love Colombia."

    She then got up and walked out to the set.

    Blind Item #5
    This actor is A list, but he never feels A list. Sure, he is the male lead in most of the movies in which he stars, but he just doesn't have that charisma that someone close to him has. Anyway, our actor spent the past week on a hooker and stripper bender like you would not believe. It was more than even Charlie Sheen could probably handle because our actor has stayed off the booze and most drugs and according to one stripper who was at the actor's house for a couple if days she didn't see him sleep and he kept popping Viagra like candy every few hours.

    Blind Item #6
    This barely A list mostly movie actress walked a red carpet last night. Prior to the red carpet she was stopped by fans. Our former late night actress blew past them all and kept telling the security around her to keep the fans away and they were scaring her. After the red carpet our actress broke down and cried right inside the door to the theatre.

    Blind Item #7
    This former A list mostly movie actor from back in the day has tried to make a comeback but he was typecast from his one huge role. No one could ever see him out of it. He tried to make it in reality but no luck. He is married with children and spent a few hours locked in the hotel room of this B list reality star from a hit network reality show. They have a history. She thinks he is going to leave his wife. What he should be concerned about is our reality star knocking on the door to his house to talk to his wife. She would do that.

    Blind Item #8
    Maybe this married foreign born celebrity chef (not named Gordon Ramsay) should spend more time at his restaurants and less time having sex with other women and partying. At least one of his restaurants in Beverly Hills is empty every single night. The chef doesn't care though because he was already paid for his involvement and says no one will notice if it closes. The owners will and are threatening a lawsuit because the chef has not been in the place in a year despite his contract which says he needs to show up a few times each month. I have been in the place before. To be fair it wasn't empty the night I went in to use the bathroom. There were at least two foreign businessmen asking the waiters how come no one else was in there besides them. Oh, and did the waiter know Mila Kunis and where she lived.

    Blind Item #9
    This actress used to be A list. Foreign born. Aging now but I still think she is gorgeous. Not married. Used to be madly in love with this A++ lister. Anyway she had a date the other night. Left her child with a babysitter. Ended up spending the night at the date's house but never bothered to call the babysitter who expected her home around 11p. The babysitter kept calling but our actress had turned off her phone. The actress showed up the next morning around 10 and didn't even apologize or ask about her child.

    Blind Item #10
    This former A list tweener who is now a C list get anything actress was about five minutes too late catching her husband in a very awkward encounter with a former mistress. The husband got the mistress out of the coffee shop while checking his phone every two seconds. The pale color of his face slowly returned when he realized he hadn't been busted.

    Blind Item #11
    This new celebrity mom did a couple shots of tequila after her baby was born just so she wouldn't be tempted to breast feed.

    Today's Blind Items- He's Miserable
    This A list mostly television actor who doesn't really work right now has a lot of work friends. Lots of them. Outside of work or a red carpet though he has very few friends. He is just not a very likable guy. In his current situation he is becoming even more unlikable and his few friends say they have been cut off from him too. Three years ago our actor would go out once a week to a friend's house and they would play cards and drink and smoke cigars. This would last until the middle of the night. Two years ago it was reduced to once a month and now it is about once a quarter and the actor has to be home by midnight and is capped on the number of drinks he is allowed and can't smoke at all. His current significant other has worked hard to cut off everyone who was in his life before and substituted them with people she knows and people who can help her career. A friend of the actor says that our actor goes to the store three or four times a day and walks the dog three or four times a day just to get out of the house. he also is sneak drinking whenever he can and one of the two stores he frequents keeps a bottle of whiskey behind the counter for the actor so he can come in and have a few swallows before he has to get home. He is losing his once thick hair and looks ten years older than he did a few years ago and his friends think his significant other is going to drive the guy to an early grave.

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    #2- Michelle Rodriguez as the actress. The cheatee would be Cara Delevingne (sp?). There was an article in the Daily Fail of the two out together at some basketball game. Michelle seemed totally trashed and was all over Cara. I feel bad for the people next to them that paid a lot of money for court side seats. I think that Cara's 'wifey' Rita Ora is the third. As for seeing her straight, fans think that she's in a relationship with Harry Styles. Damn, I feel so stupid right now knowing this crap.
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    #10 sounds like Hilary Duff.

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    Popular guess for "He's Miserable" is Alec Baldwin.
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    1. Pmk

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    11. Kim K.

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    1. One of the Ks - maybe the fat one.

    He's Miserable - Eddie but he's hardly A list.

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    Miserable is totally Baldwin and the climber wife.

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    Yep, Baldwin and the so-called yoga teacher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    #2- Michelle Rodriguez as the actress. The cheatee would be Cara Delevingne (sp?). There was an article in the Daily Fail of the two out together at some basketball game. Michelle seemed totally trashed and was all over Cara. I feel bad for the people next to them that paid a lot of money for court side seats. I think that Cara's 'wifey' Rita Ora is the third. As for seeing her straight, fans think that she's in a relationship with Harry Styles. Damn, I feel so stupid right now knowing this crap.

    Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne get amorous at basketball game | Mail Online

    Lol, I know! Means we been spending to much time on GR en DM. Cara is obviously gay.

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    Those pics are hilarious

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    Michelle is seriously fucked up.... like, about to pass out level wasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quat View Post
    Those pics are hilarious
    Cara looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob.
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