Blind Item #1
This is the most screwed up relationship ever and they are barely even dating. He is a B+ list mostly television actor who is hoping that his new sitcom stays on the air. He has the worst luck with shows staying on the air even when they are really good. So, he has been dating this C list celebrity who has a A list celebrity name thanks to an earlier relationship. She likes to come across as sexy and hot and wild but she is so tame and so not into sex that our actor is already seeing other women on the side to get sex he isn't getting with his girlfriend. Why does he even stay with her? It has only been a few months.
Popular Guess: Will Arnet and Katie Lee

Blind Item #2
Want to know how this A list mostly television actor with A+ name recognition met one of his ex-wives? Our actor and his best friend who is an A+ list mostly movie actor came up with a brilliant idea. They bought several bags of coke and hired an escort and dumped coke all over her naked body and then they snorted it. Although they each had her that night our television actor won her hand in marriage. True love.
Popular Guess: Kelsey Grammer and Camille

Blind Item #3
What B- list celebrity/singer who is desperate to keep up with Gaga/Cyrus and Perry was asked to leave a restaurant the other night. Guests seated next to her kept complaining about her body odor. Apparently it was so bad that people had to rush outside. She rarely showers and this is not the first time people have complained but it was the first time she was kicked out of a place.
Popular Guess: Ke$ha