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Thread: CDAN August 06th 2013 - The Sisters

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    Default CDAN August 06th 2013 - The Sisters

    Blind Item #1
    This A+ list mostly movie actor had sex with a model he met in Europe last year. He had been drunk the night before and when he saw her in the morning he freaked out because of how young she looked. Apparently she was just 16. He thought she was much older because she is a lingerie model. The actor gave her all the cash he had which was like $2000 a ran out of the door and said he did not stop until he running and looking over his shoulder until he was out of the country and will not go back to the country ever because he is scared of going to jail.
    Popular Guess: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Blind Item #2
    This A list celebrity/singer who I wish was D- brought home a woman this week that he met at a club.According to her, when they got to his place he made her take off all her clothes and then turned on his laptop and got on the computer with his ex and started yelling at her about what he got and turned the webcam on the woman he had just picked up who was naked and by now crying. He then told her to shut up and put on her "damn clothes" and threw a bunch of money at her and told her she could walk home. He then went back to yelling at his ex.
    Popular Guess: Chris Brown

    Blind Item #3
    This B+ list mostly television actress who was on a very hot show before striking out on her own has no idea that her big crush is married. He thinks he will get fired if he tells her since she is also his boss. His wife knows about the crush and loves her new husband having a job so pretends to be the dutiful friend whenever the actress is around. The actress is nuts over this guy.
    Popular Guess: Mindy Kaling

    Blind Item #4
    Apparently not happy with the way she has looked lately, this soon to be D list celebrity who is a B lister right now is back on coke. She thinks it will help her regain the form she used to have. It will also make her blow through the limited amount of money she has coming to her. I guess she missed coke, but couldn't afford it for awhile.
    Popular Guesses: Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid.

    Blind Item #5
    This A+ list mostly movie actor, who is probably the definition of a movie star, was at an event last week. It was at a hotel and there was a LGBT convention or gathering going on. The actor was overheard in a hallway screaming in a whisper, "There are not going to be any gay people where we are going right? You know I can't stand gay people. No gays!!." When you think about it, you kind of just say to yourself how much it all make sense.
    Popular Guess: Tom Cruise

    Blind Item #6
    This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C and I guess a reality star now, made contact with this very wealthy B- list mostly television actor who she hooked up with a long time ago. Apparently she has some glamourized image in her mind of what their one or two nights were really like and wanted to hook up with him again. I'm not sure why, but the married actor agreed and they saw each other for a couple of hours late last week. Late at night. Probably just coffee right?
    Popular Guess: Lindsay Lohan and Balthazar Getty

    Blind Item #7
    This do everything actor/host/funny man who is probably best known as a B list mostly movie actor is about to announce his divorce. After almost two decades with the same woman he threw it all away for an almost A list mostly movie actress who is just a few years older than the relationship. This is not her first time with a married man, but, despite getting busted for it on two of her other films, she did it again on her most recent film and it has cost a marriage. The guy was an idiot. His wife has forgiven him before too.
    Popular Guess: Chris Rock

    Blind Item #8
    This A+ list mostly movie actor was out with his wife at a club this past week. They are not really the clubbing type as they get older and they do have kids. Apparently they like to get their freak on though because the wife dragged her husband to the bathroom where they had sex. I would never imagine this actor doing this, but he was. This will be revealed. Maybe he was excited his movie was coming out?
    Popular Guess: Matt Damon

    Blind Item #9
    This actor was almost A list a decade or so ago. He is still everywhere. Does lots of things. Great name recognition. Great face recognition, but does get confused with one other actor who looks a lot like him. Married to a gorgeous actress. Gorgeous. Anyway, our actor was on a plane and was recognized by his seatmate. The actor was ordering clothes from an online catalog and said they were for his wife. Last I checked his wife was about a size zero, and didn't have size 11 feet. I guess it is true that our actor loves women's clothes. Kind of makes his actress wife a little more hot knowing she has been married so long to the actor even though he has the kink. This will be revealed.
    Popular Guesses: Kevin Kline, Javier Bardem

    Blind Item #10
    This former A list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and very good looking sat his wife down at a table for dinner and then proceeded to walk around the room and talking to the tables which had either women alone or attractive women and the more attractive they were, the longer he spoke to them. When he finally returned to his own table he told his wife that she was very lucky to be married to him and that he could always find someone else.
    Popular Guess: Kevin Costner

    Today's Blind Items - The Sisters
    I love writing about sisters. Most of the time in Hollywood they get along. If they are both in the industry they do compete, but there are not that many cases where they don't get along. Now, if one is in the industry and one is not? Forget about it. They usually end up hating each other. Oh, there is one actress who used to be an A list tweener. She gets along with her sister because the actress sister buys all the drugs and introduced her to some guys the non-actress sister wanted to meet. One of my favorite sister pairs who hate each other also includes a former Tweener. Also A list. She is now a B-, but still has a high name recognition because of that former A list Tweener love. The non famous sister is a sometime actress, but, nothing that is going to make you ever possibly remember her for a role.

    Let us list the reasons why the non famous sister hates the famous sister:

    1. Skipped bridal shower. Did show up at the wedding though.
    2. Skipped bridal shower because she was having sex with the groom.
    3. Had sex with the groom after the wedding. The groom left the bride thinking he was going to get to be with the famous sister who then told him she would get a restraining order if he came near her.
    4. The famous sister wanted to go to Europe and didn't want to go alone. Less famous sister had just got a great gig. Famous sister called someone and got her sister fired. Yep.
    5. Famous sister needed a boyfriend for the night for a premiere. Borrowed a guy non-famous sister was dating. Ended up sleeping with him.
    Popular Guess: Ashley and Jennifer Tisdale

    The popular guesses are from CDAN comments, highlight the text to see them if you like.

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    #9 who does kevin kline get confused with? javier bardem hasn't been married to penelope for "so long" but the rest of it seems to fit.
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    ^They say Robin Williams.
    And Javier Bardem gets confused with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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    I always mix up Kevin Kline and Kevin Spacey.

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    I want #1 to be Rob Lowe for old times' sake.
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    #1 is confusing - is this an old story that happened last year and is only just coming out? Or did they meet last year and had sex when meeting again this year? Whatever the deal is I'm not sure why the actor made a big deal out of fearing arrest as the age of consent is 16 or under for the majority of European countries.

    Ages of consent in Europe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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