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Thread: CDAN August 04th 2013 - 6 blind items

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    Default CDAN August 04th 2013 - 6 blind items

    Blind Item #1
    This very pretty sometime model/B list singer/celebrity who has managed to come up with another very big hit song was on a flight yesterday when a 7 or 8 year old girl walked up to the singer and said that the singer was the girl's favorite singer and could she please have an autograph and photo. The singer, who was just playing on her iPad, told the little girl that she didn't sign autographs or pose for photos unless she is required to by her record label and that the little girl would probably just sell it on ebay and to leave her alone.
    Popular Guess: Lana Del Rey

    Blind Item #2
    This pap got a call this week to come take photos of this almost A list mostly movie actor and his "girlfriend." Twenty minutes later he got another call to come take photos of an A list mostly movie actor and his "girlfriend." He made them walk the same block so he would not have to travel all over to do it.
    Popular Guess: Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner

    Blind Item #3
    This almost A list mostly movie actress who some people would call A list if they only watched one seemingly endless franchise went to dinner this week and ordered tons of food off the menu. Four or five dishes and then made a big show of telling the waiter how great everything was, but only took one bite of each. She did manage to drink about thousand calories of booze before she went to the bathroom and tried to get rid of everything. Apparently she is very loud when she vomits. I know, I know, probably TMI, but now you know her secret to staying the same skinny self she has always been.
    Popular Guesses: Keira Knightley, Jordana Brewster

    Blind Item #4
    When this former B list celebrity and sometime remembered reality star who is now a C- list celebrity with B+ list name recognition was caught flirting with another woman by his significant other, this is what the significant other said to the celebrity.

    "You really think some woman is going to be interested in you? Yeah, you could get their photo in a tabloid, but who is going to put up with your chain smoking, bong hitting, can't stop eating, no job having, who has a ton of kids and will be broke as a joke if I leave." She said it way better. Apparently when you are screaming it, the point gets across more.
    Popular Guess: Jon Gosselin

    Blind Item #5
    This B list actress with the great voice and some of the best supporting roles ever usually plays sexy. Well, always sexy, even if she is playing a mom to a college student. Anyway, not too long ago she entered the dating pool after a long absence and she was having phone sex with a guy she had just started dating and she could hear him watching a movie that sounded familiar. It turns out he was watching one of her movies but he seemed to get more excited when a different actress was on screen. She asked him and he said he was more turned on by the other actress, but she was great too, but he was wondering if she could introduce him to the other actress. Our actress hung up.
    Popular Guesses: Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Tilly

    Blind Item #6
    After a recent very big event, these two former co-stars had a little party in a hotel suite. The two co-stars are both probably B list. She leans towards B- and he is more B+ because of his hit television show. Anyway, one drink became two which became ten and the next thing you know it is the next morning and they are still drinking and think it would be a fabulous idea to get married. They did it more for fun than anything, but they still did it and it is still legal.
    Popular Guess: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Gillovny unbroken!!1!!!1

    The popular guesses are from CDAN comments, highlight the text to see them if you like.

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    The guess on that last one is laugh out loud funny.

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    The Lana Del Rey one is horrible and sounds true. She always looks even more bored than we are and her career looks totally contrived.

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