Big Blind Item: Celebrity Cheaters Part 3

This one is buzzing both sides of the Atlantic: a very famous LA name is in a love triangle.

June 16, 2012 0
By Margaret Holder, Columnist

The story goes like this: Miss Boldface, who has a high opinion of herself that is not always shared by others, has formed a fascinating friendship with a household name. Mr Very Famous has had problems in the past, all smoothed over because of kids, image, celebrity wife... the usual reasons. Mrs Very Famous knows all about this latest triangle but is unlikely to issue divorce proceedings at the moment as she has interests in other directions, including commercial ones. How long this situation will hold is anyone's guess - especially if they read this.

And here are some updates on my previous blind items: there are two celebrity couples apparently with equal claims to be the Mr. and Mrs. Rock Star in that report. One possible Mrs. Rock Star has recently taken pains to show that she is really devoted to her husband 's family. Of course she is.

As for Mr & Mrs VIP in this report - well, would you believe it: a few days after TMR published my forecast 'so expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer,' it was announced that Mrs VIP will soon be alongside her husband at a big event Hope she recognises him- it's a long time since they were seen together!

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