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Blind Items Revealed

November 3, 2011

#2 - This former A list actress and multiple nominee of some of the biggest awards out there is now a C lister on a good day. Well, she still has A list diva attitude though. When she was doing a premiere with some of the cast and was put in a hotel, she found out the director had a bigger room than hers. Our actress was not happy about it and asked him to switch rooms with her. He said no. She replied in a very loud voice in the middle of the lobby, "So help me, you are going to switch rooms with me or I will get on the phone to your wife and tell her all about those extras you f**ked." The director replied that he did no such thing, and the actress said, "It doesn't really matter what happened, she will believe it if I say it."

Jessica Lange (**I would agree that Jessica is not C list now, but American Horror Story had premiered three weeks before I wrote this, and had not premiered on television yet when this incident occurred.**)

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