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Thread: Ted Casablanca 12/16/11

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    Some dudes like Crotch Uh-Lastic and Toothy Tile, we really feel for. These are movie stars who truly do only like other guys, even though they also (just as much) want to be renowned film actors. So they play the game (well, Toothy does). But then there's mischievous bisexual King Schlong, who can take boys—or go without them. So, what's King's current sexual bent? And could the dog-eat-dog awards season have something to do with King's choice? Girls, girls, girls and yes, yes, yes. You see, truth be known, King's always fooled around with both sexes (as recently as this year, too!). But it's really not what drives King ultimately romantically—and certainly not come the career-defining months from Emmys to Oscars. "That boy will no sooner go around boys when these awards are still out than Alec Baldwin will apologize to American Airlines," said one of King's myriad Biz colleagues, who knows full well that Schlong has long been a free spirit and doesn't want to be tied down to either sex, in any capacity. But this maverick sensibility, we're told, is wholly heterosexually infused, at this time of the year because what King wants more than domestic happiness is...big ol' trophy-time recognition. "Like, bad," is how it was put to us. Jeez. Kinda sounds like that old stereotype people are always applying to women only in this town, like, she slept her way to the top. Apparently, King's desperately trying it out, too. But will it work? And It Ain't: Alex Pettyfer, Kellan Lutz, Alec Baldwin.

    Blind Vice: During Awards Season, the King Forgets His Queen Days - E! Online
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