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    This B- list television actress has been in this space before for some not so model behavior. She is on a hit show for this almost network and wants everyone in the world to think she is the perfect mom and girlfriend to her B list actor boyfriend who is also on a hit television show. Our actress has gone through a series of relationships with men and at the end she always makes it seem like the boyfriends were the awful ones and she was perfect. The realities? She sets aside time for sex with her boyfriends. They get three times a week but she only schedules it for 30 minutes. If you are late then that is your fault. When 30 minutes is up, she is up too. She considers it a necessity rather than fun. Oh, and don't forget that pre and post sex shower. Food? She only eats four things. Seriously. Just four. Chicken, rice, Total and apples. Nothing else. No seasonings or spices. If you are with her when you eat, then she insists you eat the same thing too. One of the actresses on her show who is getting to be almost A list said that if given the opportunity she would slip a chocolate bar or pot into the homemaker's food just so she could actually live a life for two minutes. Red carpet events? She tells her dates what to wear. Why do guys put up with it? Because she latches on to them and does not let go. They don't have a choice. If you ask her out and she says yes, she will be texting and calling and doing drop ins before you can say boo. She does not let go and it is very tough to get her out of your life.
    #1 - Actress:
    #2 - Her boyfriend:
    #3 - Co-star who talks smack:
    #4 - Television show:

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    I immediately thought of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she doesn't fit all the clues. Maybe Courtney Cox?

    Not Courtney. Cougar Town is on ABC.
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    I don't think this one is 100% true, just because I think he exaggerated a little.
    But my guesses are:

    #1 – Actress: Kelly Rutherford

    #2 – Her boyfriend: Co-star Matthew Settle

    #3 – Co-star who talks smack: Blake Lively

    #4 – Television show: Gossip Girl

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    Dubah - that fits for me

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    Not sure.. Why would they write she "Wants everyone in the world to think she is the perfect girlfriend to her B list actor boyfriend" if they're not even openly dating?

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    From what I've seen of her on screen, I can believe this is about Kelly Rutherford. She just looks like she has absolutely no fun or joy in her life.

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    Agree that it sounds plausible but - B-list? Talk about a promotion.
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    Matthew Settle in his prime was one hot piece of ass.
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