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    This actor just barely out of his teens, recently confessed to a friend that he did something he regrets terribly when he was younger. Several years ago he claims he was allegedly part of hazing a group of younger guys, and the hazing went too far. He didnít say exactly what they did, only that the boys were naked and humiliated. The boys who were the victims never pressed charges, but to this day the young actor feels guilty about it. It might not seem that salacious, but in the show this star acted in, he played a child getting bullied.

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    I have no clue. The use of the word hazing seems odd though, it implies a frat or a team vs the word bullying. The naked part makes me wonder if there could have been some Sexual Assault charges from this.

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    Chris Colfer? I hope not. I really like him.

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    ^^Nah, I don't think so. It says "acted", which to me makes it sound like he's not on the show anymore.

    Someone on Gawker guessed Shia Labeouf but I don't know whether he was bullied on Even Stevens. Oh, just reread it and it says "barely out of his teens" - Shia's 24 so he doesn't fit, then.
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