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Thread: 2 Blinds From GAWKER 10 -29 - 10

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    Default 2 Blinds From GAWKER 10 -29 - 10

    1. "Vera Wang was interviewed on The Insider tonight.
    Q: What's the most expensive dress you've ever made?
    A: I made a dress that was probably around a quarter of a million to three hundred thousand dollars that never got worn. [The client] was a celebrity. Maybe it was better left unworn.
    Wang then pursed her lips as if she didn't want to say anything more. Who do you think the celebrity might have been?" [Blind Gossip]

    2. "This one is short, but let's see if you can guess who this openly homophobic reality star is, who was recently discovered to have a large collection of gay porn in his home." [BuzzFoto]

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    1. JLo to Affleck...ahahahah

    2. Homophobic reality star??? I got nothing for this one.

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    #2 Ryan Leslie from The Real World? Real World Star's Antigay Tweet War | News | The Advocate Posted from my iPhone

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    For #1 -- Jessica Simpson? Paris Hilton? (Wasn't she engaged for awhile?)

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    1 - Alexis Arquette? (I wouldn't want to talk about THAT either.)
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    The dress may have originally intended for the oscars, which might explain the whacko price. The big A-lister actresses often don't make a final choice between 2-3 favourite dresses (each of which probably involved personal fittings and sometimes intercontinental travel) until the last minute. So those rejected dresses, which won't fit anyone else, end up costing the designer a fortune. So - any guesses for the diva-esque oscar nominees? We're spoiled for choice.
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    1 - JLo's dress for her wedding to Affleck

    J. Lo wedding dress Wang's most expensive -

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    B. I'd like this to be Spencer Pratt... but I have to admit I'm not sure how homophobic he is, he's a born again supposedly isn't he?

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