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    1. "There is one current political battle that is even uglier than the rest. To avoid partisan bias, we'll deliberately leave out the party affiliations. It involves a race between a man and a woman that isn't terribly close. If the woman looks as if she may start moving up in the polls, the man is prepared to launch an attack centered on disclosing a procedure the woman had years ago to terminate a pregnancy. Nice." [Blind Gossip]

    2. "This C+/B- list television actor is on one of the most popular network ensemble shows. Yes, the show you are probably thinking. Anyway, our actor was on the phone having phone sex with a woman. Presumably. Anyway, at one point he got another call from another woman so he clicked over and made plans to see her that night for some sex. Our actor thought he had hung up the phone, so started right back up having phone sex with what he thought was the first woman and then he heard the voice of the woman he had just made plans with for that night. Needless to say, they did not go out." [CDaN]

    3. "This television A-lister keeps bringing his daughter with him to the set of his latest show because he doesn't believe in nannies. The crew and some cast are super irritated because she keeps ruining takes and slows things down. Apparently she's a little bit of a hellion and has broken some equipment. We'd be mad too we guess, but you can't blame the guy for trying to be a good dad. He claims he is only bringing her to spend time with her between takes. " [BuzzFoto]

    1. This has to be O'Donnell versus whoever.

    2. One of the Gleeks?
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    #2 was posted already. you know these aren't "gawker" blind items, right?

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