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Thread: Entertainment Lawyer = Gossip Boy?

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    Default Entertainment Lawyer = Gossip Boy?

    Entertainment Lawyer is a Fraud.: Ent = Gossip Boy.

    Ent = Gossip Boy.

    An anonymous tipster pointed me in the direction of a new-ish blog called Gossip Boy. The 'story' is that this an anonymous actor posting inside information about Hollywood (he's anonymous because he's closeted or something).

    Oddly, Gossip Boy has the same disclaimer as Ent:

    The Gossip Boy is a gossip site. The site publishes rumors, conjecture, and fiction. In addition to accurately reported information, certain situations, characters and events portrayed in the Blog are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the Blogís proprietor does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site's content. Links to content on and quotation of material from other sites are not the responsibility of The Gossip Boy.

    What an interesting coincidence.

    Gossip boy also claims his 'assistants' write his posts, hence the differences in writing style (a common criticism I've made about CDAN). He posts multiple picpams identical to Ent's. He writes blind items that sound just like Ent's (sadly, Gossip Boy cannot reveal identities like Ent can )

    I'm sure the fact Ent seems to have gone AWOL from the CDAN site is just a coincidence and nothing at all to do with the backlash against CDAN by people who saw through his poorly constructed fiction. Really.

    You can run Ent, but you sure can't hide when you use the exact same disclaimer and think nobody will notice!
    Grain of salt, but this blog may have a point. I know that quite a few posters on here think Gossip Boy is fake, could it be the next act of Entertainment Lawyer?

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    Gossip Boy is a fake. He's probably just someone copying Ent.

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    I agree. He most likely just copied and pasted the disclaimer.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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