This one is kind of complicated, but interesting. This foreign born B list actress who is a Golden Globe nominee/winner has been seeing a former B list movie actor and now a middling C with almost A list name recognition. No big deal right? Well the thing is that the actor is dating our Golden Globe nominee/winner's best friend who is also a C+/B- movie actress. Oh, and the guy is a tool. I could have made this a Four For Friday because there is one other name I could have thrown out there who connects, but that would have made it too easy.
#1 - GG nominee/winner
#2 - Former B list movie actor
#3 - C+/B- movie actress

A note. When I say nominee/winner I do that like I do child/ren. It is an either/or situation.
Ent Lawyer is apparently reading the Ted C. guide to writing so I'll spare y'all the pain since I think the posters at CDAN somehow figured this out.

#1 - Rose Byrne (GG nominated for "Damages")
#2 - Ryan Philippe
#3 - Abbie Cornish (her and Rose are both from Oz)
the 4th name who connects but isn't described would be Reese W.

There are stories that Ryan and Abbie recently broke up because he's been slutting around. Shocking - if he cheated on his wife/gf with you, he's likely to do it again. Hope it's not true though - what a sucky thing to do to your good friend and especially for a loser like Ryan.