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Thread: You Just Canít Win: Spray Tans Might Give You Cancer, Too

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    "dead white color" here, too, though I am able to get a really nice tan. I don't think it's worth the cancer, or even the wrinkles, so I haven't been tan since junior year of high school (and even that was an accident).
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    Last year before the beach I sprang for one of those airbrush tans. I asked her to use the lightest color. I got sprayed on Wednesday and it was 2 full days before I looked human. By the time we got to the beach Saturday the tan was looking really good. I dunno if it was worth hiding out in the house for 2 days though. And yes, you can't help but get some of the chemicals in your airways. They tell you to hold your breath but those particles are everywhere. I think I'll stick with my Jergens lotion with the self-tanner in it.

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