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Thread: When did your body start to sag?

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    I'm still waiting. It's holding up ok so far. The only annoying part is the extra weight I can't seem to shake. Come to think of it, considering the extra weight, it's holding up very well. I should have some saggage by now.
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    1. When did you first notice that your body started to sag, (if it has at all)?

    My boobs have sagged since the second i got them. Plus they were quite large and the rest of me was very lean. It made me look overweight because i was so top heavy. So as soon as i was old enough i had them reduced and lifted (although that didn't really work out too well). My butt started to migrate south around age 30? It's not too bad because i always had a great ass.

    2. At which stage in your life were you happiest with your body shape?

    I've never been happy with my whole body at any one time. When i was young and thin, i hated my boobs. When i took care of that, i hated my genetic love handles and saddlebags, so i had lipo. Now i am not liking my boobs again as they are very flat and droopy. I've considered getting very small implants but am undecided.

    3. Have you always been confident with your body?

    I was confident about my body, but self-conscious about my boobs and always tried to hide them. I think i was probably the most confident in my late 20s when i had the boobs reduced, and my butt had yet to start sagging and i had no cellulite. That being said, i am pretty happy with my body right now.

    4. I've recently heard that having a child destroys your figure. If you've had children, what impact did this have on your body?

    No kids, but genetically i probably wouldn't have a good result.

    Every guy i've been with loves my body but i am always self-conscious about my 'flaws'.

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