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Thread: What is your idea of beauty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by princesspink View Post
    As much as we see different ethnicites in the media round us I see a common thread running through them. Being stick thin is one of them. i cant remember the last time someone called a fat woman beautiful.

    As much as our sense of beauty had broadened it has also narrowed down.

    Dawn French is a VERY overweight comedian and over here in Britain she is called beautiful very often and genuinely as well.

    The British soap awards regularly awarded the sexiest female award to Kat Slater of Eastenders who had short black hair and a thick body. Martine McCutcheon was also quite chunky while on Eastenders and she was considered beautiful.....I will get pictures. It all about how you carry yourself not the length/colour/texture of your hair.



    MARTINE MCCUTCHEON in slimmer times

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    ^Kat Slater is pretty!

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