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Thread: What do you guys think about Asians with blonde hair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdmadgirl View Post
    I think Asians ( and Hispanics and African-Americans) look better with their natural dark hair.
    I agree. I am Asian and Latina, and there is no way I'd attempt to get blonde hair. My grandmother was not so wise, and suffice it to say, it did not look good.

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    Obviously, Asians weren't meant to have blonde hair, just like I wasn't meant to have black hair.

    And I don't like it all when people "fight" their own ethnicity.

    But on young, hip, edgy Asians with a funky streetwear style it does look good.
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    Dying really black hair blonde is always very difficult - it usually ends up bright orange or gets totally fried by the bleach. By all means wear a funky blonde wig if you want something different but I wouldn't spend time and money on a high maintenance dye job.

    I don't think really blonde works on black or hispanic people either and we anglo saxon types spend a fortune keeping our childhood 'golden locks' that way. There are very, very few naturally blonde adults out there. Most of us turn to mouse in our teens dammit.
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    Some of them can look good but it's always obvious that it's not natural

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    I think it looks stupid.

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    I've seen it done well, Etty Farrell's dye job is ok, make sure you choose the right shade of blonde though.
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