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Thread: What do I tie my hair up with to stop ripping out strands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberry gashes View Post
    ^I just carelessly pull, so it's my own fault. I've been using a *gasp* SCRUNCHIE for 2 days and the breakage has stopped. I know they're so 80's but hey, if it works, I'm not going to complain.
    Just make sure that you match your scrunchie to your skirt and eyeshadow color. Yes, I work with a woman who does this.

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    ^ I actually would have thought that was really neat several years ago.

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    my daughter uses the big fat scunci's.
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    Maybe a leave-in conditioner or one of the spray products they have out now to keep your hair sleek in the pony so that the band slides off more easily. It's like a long-hair pomade.

    I have to wear my hair up a lot too and it helps to vary the style--even if it's just moving the ponytail around from the crown of your head one day to the nape of your neck the next. It lessens the impact your tools have to the same part of your hair again and again and again.

    I would also recommend the ouchless hairbands--no metal. Headbands help so that you can tie your hair up looser without worrying about pieces falling around your face.
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