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Thread: Tight ponytails and buns... and hair loss!

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    ^Thankgod. I just noticed mine recently and my hair sure as hell aint blonde.

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    I think it also depends on your scalp and how sensitive it is. I used to wear my hair in ponytails all the time when I was 16-21 and I now have really really thin hair on each side of my head, where I used to pull it tight. I never wear it up like that anymore and the hair never grew back. I used to wear it very tight though, I remember each day I would continuously pull it tight as the day went on. But I have a friend who as worn her hair up in a ponytail or bun all the time and she has zero problems. I think it depends on your scalp and hair type. I think loose ponytails are fine.

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    Hmm...I've never heard that. I have quite a bit of hair loss throughout the day, but every time I ask my hair dresser she just grabs a handful and says "when I can use only one had to pull your hair up in a ponytail, then you can start to worry." I always wear my hair in either a pretty tight ponytail or a tight chignon style with a clip. I can't wear it loose cause it drives me nuts.
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