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Thread: Is there a really classic recent perfume?

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    The only one I can think of right now is Agent Provocateur - the very first one in the ceramic pink bottle.

    Consumers these days don't like anything out of the norm so we get a whole lot of generic floral/nauseatingly sweet food smell (vanilla and chocolate are very popular) - inoffensive, but bland. Very often, the complex and interesting one doesn't sell and end up being discontinued.

    I'm more worry about the re-formulation of the "classics". My beloved No. 19 has already been butchered and doesn't smell quite like it used to (and what's with that ghastly green color?).

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    Another No. 19 lover, and I know what you mean about it changing, and not for the better. It's especially ironic and maddening that they would fool with this scent, when it was Coco Chanel's favourite! Note to marketers: love the classic alone. They are classic for a reason.

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    in the men's category i love eau d'issey and terre d'hermès. both are subtle and delicious and not one of those trendy perfumes you quickly tire of.
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