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Thread: Temporary freckle tattoos make for a surprisingly controversial beauty trend

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    Oh, I'm showing this to my son like right now! He's got light brown hair and porcelain skin with teeny freckles on his face - he looks great but he absolutely hates them. Freckles are trendy!

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    My paternal grandad had them - his grandfather was a white red-headed man. Then Grandpa married my grandmother, who was Afro-Cuban. They had three girls and seven boys (two who died in infancy), and they ranged in color to red-haired, pale and freckled to dark brown.
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    I think she looks better without the freckles.
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    My mum has them, despite it being uncommon where she's from (North Africa). She told me she tried everything to get rid of them in the 70s.

    The other day, I realised I liked this particular colleague because she's my mother's height and has dark hair and freckles like her

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    Quote Originally Posted by stella blue View Post
    Same here. Even in my lifeguard days, I never could manage to tan. I was either burned and peeling or pasty white.

    I don't have a problem with people having fake freckles. My whole life, though, I've tried to find something that covers them up and nothing works.
    Are we twins? Story of my life as a teenager. Mid-30's now and I still have freckles everywhere. I seriously don't understand how people have none. How is that possible?

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