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Thread: Straight hair and Curly hair

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    ^ If you have locks try not combing it, add some product while it's wet and air dry it. Combing it takes the curl/wave out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny Pixie View Post
    My hair's my biggest pain in the ass.
    I've got very big locks when I just towel it dry after a shower, but as soon as I comb it, it's just plain ugly waves, it looks very unkept, and kinda bushy
    When I wake up it's horrible, I wonder how my boyfriend stands the sight of it :p
    Towel drying is very frizz inducing!

    Shampoo and condition-- comb through your conditioner and clip your hair up with a claw clip while you're doing other shower stuff. Then let it down and rinse-- let the final rinse be very cool water (extra shine, cuts down on frizz). Squeeze the water out with your hands, twist and put up with the claw clip again.

    Once you're dressed, take down the claw clip and gently comb your hair one time with a wide tooth comb. Squeeze the water out one more time, and let it air dry without touching it. This will encourage more curl and ringlets instead of frizzy waves (your hair texture sounds very much like mine.).

    The less you mess with it the better.

    I quit using a hair brush and stick to a wide tooth comb, or sometimes just finger comb. You can learn to love your waves, you just gotta learn to work with em.

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    Hey, that's some very good advice thanks !
    I don't know if I'll manage to love my curls, I'm so used to seeing my face framed by straigh hair and I looooooove straigh hair so much, but if my curls look good I might really enjoy them ^^
    Thanks !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kill Me View Post
    I have boring hair, it only has some kind of curl/character to it if I don't comb it out after a shower.
    I have the exact same thing. Very shiny when I dry it properly and very healthy but unless I work at it it's kind of boring. I always wanted thick, glossy, curly hair down to my ass...which led to some pretty dodgy perms many years ago.
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    I've always had wavy hair, but now that I'm getting old it's getting coarser and it's downright curly. I love it! Would never straighten it.

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    My hair is normal I guess... I use the straight iron if I want it straight, and if I want it curly I use this AMAZING cheap hair gel called 'Samy: Get Curls'

    I swear by this suff. When I get out of the shower I comb my hair and dry it off with a towel so its still damp... then you take a little of the gel and just scrunch it into your hair all over. Finish it with a little hairspray and it doesn't frizz and you have this great wavy curly hair!

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    you already know.


    i like mine both ways and go either way depending....

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