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  • In the shower, a bar of soap

    11 55.00%
  • In the shower, liquid

    13 65.00%
  • Washing hands, a bar of soap

    6 30.00%
  • Washing hands, liquid

    13 65.00%
  • Dont use soap just let the water clean me naturally

    0 0%
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Thread: Soap in the Shower/Bath?

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    Default Re: Soap in the Shower/Bath?

    If you're mildly acne-prone on your chest/back I highly recomend the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub. It's scrubby to remove the dead skin cells, and it really feels clean, and has practically no scent. Oh, and it clears mild "bacne" up quite well.

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    Default Re: Soap in the Shower/Bath?

    Grimmlok Thank you!! I have been saying this for years and no body listens..hee hee oh I use philosophy bubblebath/shampoo/showergel in pumpkin pie...YUM! love it!
    bum gone bad

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    Default Re: Soap in the Shower/Bath?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetrebel
    We use Lever 2000 Pure Rain but I am addicted to these bath salts and bubble's some cheap stuff from WalMart and it has lavander and chamomile in it...I use a bottle in about a week and a half. Also use Vaseline intensive care bath 'stuff'...Want to try that Oil of Olay that you use in the shower that has lotion in it...Anyone tried that?
    the in shower body lotion? it's sticky..feels like gum. i'd say pass

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