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Thread: Smoky Eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryJane View Post
    Wow Tiara do it!!!

    Now all this talk about makeovers has made me want to do it!!! I want to do it now!!!!!
    I also love to go with my girlfriends and see them having their makeup done, I enjoy just to look because I can learn something for myself.

    Ti let's go together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Might be a problem seeing as though I'm in the UK but I'll send you some before and after pics if you like! I'm definitely going to go, I thought it was a great gift especially seeing as though I usualy get socks from my brother! I just hope they don't do that kind of make up that looks great in the studio light but awful in real light coz I'm hoping to go on a night out with my bf later on!!!
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    Default Re: Smoky Eyes

    Ahhh, i love smoky eyeshadow with blue eyes - mine are dull old brown ones
    Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here...

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