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Thread: Seeking lip product

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    I used to have a few of those as well when I was a little girl. For me, I can't deal with lip products that I have to dig my paws in to. It has to be in a tube or lip gloss like. Not only is it gross (to OCD me) to put unclean hands into something you're going to put on your MOUTH, but after you use it, you're constantly looking for somewhere to wipe your fingertip off of the excess product. #FirstWorldProblems
    Quote Originally Posted by sprynkles View Post
    Yup. I saw that one too when I was at that site. I considered buying some of the balm but I'm like Nevan. I don't want to dip my paws into stuff anymore. I used to love that Kissing Potion.
    Yeah, I agree about the finger dipping and I do shy away from those for the same reason. Truth be told, I don't even like wearing lotion on my hands because I can't stand the feeling of it and I always think it's a magnet for germs and dirt. But you can't go around with dry hands, so I usually try to put it on the back of my hands and rub off the rest of what's on my palms with paper towel. Defeats the purpose, I know. I usually just wash my hands or use hand sanitizer (though I don't use that much either anymore because you don't want to kill the good bacteria) before using my rosebud salve, so I figured I'd live dangerously just for old time's sake.

    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    I just threw out one of those little tins the other day. I found it down the back of a drawer. I don't know how many years it was back there.
    I bet I still have at least a semi-empty tin of it somewhere in a box. Scary, but true. lol I also have a strawberry lip smacker with a roller ball that I wouldn't dream of using on my mouth but I love the smell of...

    Quote Originally Posted by Daphodil View Post
    And then a flashback of a sweet-smelling, somewhat gritty lip gloss popped into my head. I think it was this. I can still smell it.
    I loved that stuff, too and it caught my eye as

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    I've used the Lush lip scrub, which is great, and the Elf exfoliating balm stick, which is easier and less messy to use. Both are great.

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    Best scrub for lips is a toothbrush. Scrub off the dead skin and you’ll have big pouty soft lips. I only do it about once a week, and never on cracked lips.
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    I don't the product you are talking about but for my family this biotherm is a saviour
    My daughter once joked that my husband should do the publicity because he is always raving about it when we go to drier climates, skiing,... (apart from sunscreen this is the only extra skin care he uses)
    Once my lips went 'out of their borders' very badly and even what the doctor prescribed didn't help, a friend told me to use this and 3 days later they were almost normal again.

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    Bought some Chapstick "Moisture + tint" last night - pretty decent. I'm not a big Chapstick fan because it's like putting candle wax on, but this is nice and soft. And it lasts a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I googled this yesterday because I was curious. I couldn't find anything like it, but I did find out that you can still buy those little tins that slide open that had lip gloss in watermelon (my favorite), strawberry, root beer, etc. I was so excited. I thought they stopped manufacturing those eons ago.

    I loved those!!!

    Mary Kay makes a lip treatment -- scrub plus balm -- Satin Lips. It's really good. So is the Satin Hands scrub/lotion.
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    I remember how gunky they would get in my bag if there was some on the tin or I didn't close the tin tightly. Was always cleaning off the tin! I would love to find a delicious, creamy vanilla balm in a pot. Mac discontinued theirs and it was good. It was like vanilla goo.

    That old Kissing Potion roll on gloss - I'm still living down my junior high school year book picture. Looks like I rubbed the whole bottle on my mouth.
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    Do you got a Body Shop around you? They have really nice lip butter. I don't know if there is a vanilla one though, but I love the honey one. They have a lip balm from the vanilla chai series, haven't tried it tough.
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