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Thread: Plastic surgery in your family

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    I'm watching the E channel's Celebrity Plastic Surgery right now. Wow, liposuction scares the heck out of me. I would like to do some collagen filler for my forehead lines and a little bit of restylane on my upper lip, but that's about it. I'm not getting my face or head cut into. -- watched an entire facelift surgery once and I almost fainted/threw up.

    I talked to someone the other day - forget who or where - who said that you can't get restylane anywhere but the mouth area, so something else has to be used in the forehead and elsewhere. I hadn't known that.

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    Both my mom and dad have had nosejobs...

    My mom always says to me "I dont know where the heck you got that cute little nose from, cause it certainly wasnt from me or your dad!"

    Thats basically the extent of it though. My mom also had a lazy eye fixed, but that went along with the nose job...
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    I have met one girl in my life who had a nose job, other than that I never knew anyone closely who had ps. Maybe that's the reason I am still so fascinated by it.

    My family is consequently ps free, but if my sister wanted to get that tummy tuck that could finally save her life, I'd chip in some money.

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    I have a distant cousin who's had a nose job. Apart from that I don't know about any others. She really needed it because she had an enormous nose. Which then made its reappearance on her daughter. Oops. Her husband was mighty confused...

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