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Thread: Pale vs tan

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    I am pretty pale naturally, I try to be disciplined with using sun screen, since I'm prone to freckles and reddishness. People made some rude remarks about my complexion during my teenage years. I was told I look like a corpse (doesn't help that my hands are cold most of the time), anemic or once people even suggested that I might possibly be a drug-addict , which was damn hurtful to me, because I never touched a drug in my life. And there are paler people out there than me, so it was all quite over the top. Anyways, back then I didn't want to do people the favour to suck-up to me and compliment so I didn't give in and started to get a fake tan, since it's better for your skin to use sun screen and not to tan. And it's not like I stay indoors because I'm frightened to get a tan. I just use sun screen.

    If you are naturally tan, it looks nice though. I just don't see why I should spray some orange stuff on me, or use tanning beds, just so other people can think I look more "alive".

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    i know what you mean, i feel like there is a stigma attached to being pale.
    I am naturally pale too, but if I ever want to wear shorts or a bikini, I will put tanning lotion on. I like the way it looks, but it's such a bother.

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    I'm loving all the pale people here! Like a lot of you, I'm very pale naturally. My mom had red hair and very fair skin, my dad the complete opposite with a dark tan and dark, dark hair. I inherited the pale skin but very dark hair. A lot of my friends tease me (even though we are all in our late 20's) about being so pale. I've even had someone go so far as to tell me that I should always use bronzer and if I do I'll somehow become tan **I'm thinking he thought it was magical or something**.

    I like my pale skin even though it definitely does not look as good in shorts, etc. To each their own.

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