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Thread: No. More. Tattoos. Pleeeze

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    You know, the pièce de tacky résistance is that the word "its" is spelled wrong as "it's." Totally ruins it. Well, that and the ass-crack.

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    A bible verse on your back? Is she for realz? Does she like anal sex? Is that a bizarre question to ask in this context?
    "I've cautiously embraced jeggings"
    Emma Peel aka Pacific Breeze aka Wilde1 aka gogodancer aka maribou

    Yip, yip, yip in your tiny indignation. Bark furiously on, lady dog.

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    i'm in yer manifesto, correcting your spelling mistakes


    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    Someone on here, I forget who, has a paw print tattoo on their ankle (?)/leg, it is so cute! I love it.
    I know a lesbian with rainbow-colored paw prints walking up the back of her legs .

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    Quote Originally Posted by azoria
    Tatoos are ugly on everybody, all the time, anywhere on the body. Period
    This reads like a fact, when really its just your opinion.

    I've seen some amazing tattoos, and they contribute to a womans sex appeal in these cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCD View Post
    Well chick had one rad tramp stamp, and the moral of my story is this- I don't think tramp stamps are so much placement as the accompanying attitudes they seem to always cop. Sluttiness for instance, and most girls get tattoos in places to show them off, in a regular day your mid back should have a shirt on it, but some see it different.
    Yeah, that's what I figured when I took it. Sort of, "the carrier makes the tattoo" (Of course, the tattoo needs to look good as well). People just seemed to make it such a big deal everywhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    No no, unless it looks like the generic cheesy tribal garbage you pick off a wall that EVERY chick has, it isn't a tramp stamp.
    Nah, I created it myself (with the help of my brother's photoshop skills). It's about 2 inches wide and maybe like an inch in height so, it's not a big one. I guess it can be mistaken for a tribal tattoo if you don't look better since the clefs can be a bit hard to point out. In a way I like that, having a "hidden message", makes it more personal for me but then again, I do always tell people the idea behind it...

    Anyways, so far I've heard only good comments about it. Even "the tattoo haters" have told me it looks really good and original, so I guess it can't be that bad. And, after giving it a good look yesterday, I remembered how much I like it (Yes, I forget I even have one) and am happy again!

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    tattoos look great on some people, i think
    i personally don't have any because they don't really go with my personality

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