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Thread: Is my butt too flat?

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    ^I really don't think she's being more cruel than other posters are with Jayla...
    I don't want to perish like a fading horse - best lyric ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi Ho View Post
    ben is a liar!! and a troll he only procalim's the joke's now because he got busted and i called him out big time...but apparently around here that is ok so long as u post semi decent ass pic's' pretending to be female..
    Quote Originally Posted by lurkur View Post
    People have said lots of things about themselves on here that aren't true. This thread seemed like a send-up of other trollier threads. If the pitchforks are going to be out, point them at the real trolls.
    I have to agree with Lurkur. I think Queen Mab was just joining in the fun-poking at Jayla. And I don't think she was truly pretending to be the opposite gender, she just used that as a "flat ass" pic. I thought the thread was a send-up from the beginning... maybe it didn't go down as well as hoped, but I'm not thinking troll at this point.
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    ^Me either. It seems like a joke that didn't go very well.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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