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Thread: Meet the pre-teen beauty addicts

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    What's sad in my opinion is that these children are not different from most children of the same age nowadays: I met many of them on my way to work, as they go to school and, man, they *are* prettier than I was at their age, but they also look so much older! At 9, I wore things my mother bought for me, regardless of how they looked (I was lucky my mom has good tastes), my grandmother combed my hair and I spent my time playing outside with my friend.
    I am sad for these little grils, but I am also scared because of the wrong values these children are cultivating: what will be of women in the future? I feel like we are throwing away everything we fought for, and we are not longer intrested in proofing that we can be strong, intelligent and serious... especially because it seems that most mothers are failing at teaching these values to their children.

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    Some people should be banned from having kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow View Post
    The thing that scares me the most is that these girls are in the generation that's going to take care of us when we are in a retirement home
    But think how cute we'll look!
    Snooky Wookums, prepare for the invasion!

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