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Thread: Make-up brushes

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    Does anyone use Tricia Sawyers' brushes? Are they good quality?
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    I use some of the same brushes that I bought when I was 16. They were a fortune for me but look how long they lasted. I wash them with shampoo.

    Always wash your brushes! I prefer shampoo to chemical brush cleaner. Squeeze them out, loosely reshape them and dry over night.

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    ^^One trick a makeup artist told me is to not turn your brushes brush side up when you dry them. That can cause water to drain down into the handles. I usually do what Chalet said, and then I lay them on a paper towel to dry them.

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    I haven't had any problems with my MAC brushes. Had them for about 3 years now and they are still almost good as new and certainly not moulting. The stumpy 'blending' brush is great, also the wide but thin one for applying powder under and over the lashes instead of a crayon/liquid eyeliner.
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    I have used just about every crazy thing out there because at one time I was a make up fiend... my standbys have turned out to be a few from Sonia Kashuk (TARGET) and the generic brushes that they sell at Target... I use a couple of the sonia Kashuk lip brushes for stuff like eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick.
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    I have a few MAC brushes that just last and last.

    And yes, brushes should not be dried with the brush side up because water seeps into the handle and loosens the ferrule (the crimped metal band that holds the hairs onto the handle).

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    I use the one's from Origin or The Body Shop. They're really soft and synthetic.

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    I recently got a few pairs of Estee Lauder eye, lip and cheek brushes and it does make such a difference!

    I'm looking for a good foundation brush and big blush brush so I can apply my bronzer on my décolletage come summer. I will look into Bobbi Brown.

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