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Thread: Leg makeup?

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    ^I know! I'm not a Twilight fan, and it was funny to hear grown women mooning over them. But it was odd to see that bumper sticker on a grown person's car. I remember reading some article about a woman who was such a fan she got a full back tat of the characters. Now, tats are beautiful; but what if she decides some day that she dislikes the books? Or finds another series she likes better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusalka View Post
    I need something like this. My skin scars so easily and I have seemingly permanent scars from minor scrapes, burns, even shaving nicks. Plus my legs are constantly bruised. It's been hot here this summer so I've been wearing lots of shorts and skirts but I hate how my legs look in them. I'm pale too and don't tan very well. I feel like I'm a bit young (21) to constantly be wearing hose but I haven't found anything besides the Sally Hansen spray-on tan stuff, which I'm not a fan of. It smells weird and I hate that there's shimmer in it, I feel like a damn unicorn with my sparkly legs.
    not exactly leg make up but jergens makes a great moisturiser/self-tanner with spf 20. i buy the fair to medium shade and what's nice is that it builds up progressively so it's subtle and there's no streaking or standing around waiting for it to dry so you don't fuck it up. just apply like regular moisturiser and after a few days you'll notice a subtle glow. i'm also deathly pale and so any imperfections or scars on my legs are more visible but with this stuff i get a bit of colour and i feel like you don't even notice the little scars or bruises anymore.

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    I think that you can have them removed.

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    Removing legs seems a little extreme.
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    i actually saw 'jergen's bb for the body' cream yesterday, the display was sold out. its not a self tanner it's actually like foundation for your body.

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    I've used the Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs & it didn't have any sparkle in it. It really stays on & you have to scrub to get it off. It will not rub off at all on your clothing, which is awesome. And it's pretty cheap & easy to find.

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    I use the Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs too. My legs are horrible with lots of spider veins. It covers well, but it did rub off onto my Sperry's. I also wish it came in a lighter shade.

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