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Thread: I'm doing it wrong! Compact makeup

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllieCat View Post
    That used to happen to me, but an easy solution is to put the spounge upside down when you store it. Meaning have the side that you use on your face facing up instead of on the powder. It hasn't happened to me since I started doing that.
    ^^Great idea! Wish I would've thought of that when I used a compact!!
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    The same problem happens to me too when I use pressed powder.

    So now I only use the loose powder.

    I've never had the problem with eyeshadow though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankybroad View Post
    I am hoping someone can help me figure this out. Whenever I use pressed powder or compact foundation, within a few days I have "lumpy" hard parts in the middle of the compact that won't "come off" onto the applicator. Over time, they get dark and yucky. I try changing applicator sponges every time but it still happens. My face is ALWAYS clean since I only put on make up after showering. Is it my moisturizer getting on the applicator sponge? If that was it, wouldn't it happen to more people? Do I press too hard? Is my face too oily? What the heck?? It has happened with pressed powder forever, but recently I tried a Clinique compact makeup and the same thing. Then my dermatologist suggested I switch to Neutrogena. Their compact mineral foundation does the same thing. It is so frustrating. I try to scrape it off but it doesn't work. Does this happen to anyone else??
    I am hoping you can help me because I love the convenience of the compact type foundations.

    It could just be the humidity affecting the applicator and clean or not, our skin has oil on it. Try a loose powder and a good brush. It looks more natural as well.

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    i always found compact makeup unhygienic for that very reason.
    now i only use powdered blotting papers. and this concealer to cover up any spots or redness.
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    i avoid using the sponge that comes with it as much as possible. i use a brush to apply.
    if a brush is not accessible, make sure you blot your face real good before touching up with the powder.

    in short, blotting is the key.

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