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Thread: How often do you moisturise your body?

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    I moisturise once a day (twice for my feet): arms, bum, calves, breasts/chest, bellybutton area and upper back, feet. And I scrub the major part of my body once a week.
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    i moisturize everyday, and try to remember to lotion my hands after each hand wash.

    I LOVE to lotion. I lotion every part of my body but my back. I can't reach it. Even then, in the winter, I get scaly spots, so I have to lotion my back as well.

    I use more oilier, shea butter type lotion on my feet shins, and like a jergens type deep moisturizing lotion on my body. I also love Palmer's Cocoa Butter After Shower look like your skin is made from shiny wood when you use it!

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    I lotion like a maniac. Funnily enough, I have the best skin on my back, which I can't reach.
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    Right after I shower, pretty much; that works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonlady View Post
    I have excessively dry skin and eczema, so I have to moisturize daily. I put on lotion as soon as I get out of the shower, while my skin is still wet (no towel drying), and I put Vaseline on my eczema patches. If I didn't put lotion on immediately after showering my skin would be horrible
    Oh I had that and it got so bad that I just went to the doctors on Friday and she prescribed me some super-awesome cream to help with the eczema, and you really have to buy some allergy pills from a pharmacy too coz the eczema is probably caused by allergies that you aren't aware of... well it could be.
    Seriously, as soon as I hop out of the shower, my skin sometimes itches like there is no tomorrow, at some point I actually stopped showering but that was awful and gross, now I just have a shower and run into a warm room naked until I'm dry, lol. Eczema is awful, at least you only have a few small places. Vaseline works well doesn't it. But it's not the best. Try baby oil as soon as you come out of the shower. It is a friggin' miracle product.

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