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Thread: How much time do you estimate you spend a week "maintaining" yourself?

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    I started thinking about it and I think I'm a little high maintenance; but not really. I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to do the stuff I do so it doesn't seem high maintenance. The only difficulty is finding time.

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    Let's just say that I am way too high maintenance!!


    Wash/condition/blow dry hair (sometimes every other day)
    Brush teeth (3 x's)
    Apply makeup
    Wash face (2 x's)
    Apply moisturizer


    Shave legs, underarms, bikini line

    Then, I get mani/pedi every two weeks, I get my eyebrows waxed every three to four weeks, hair cut and highlighted every 12 - 16 weeks and I bleach my teeth every couple of months with the kit from the dentist. Just for a night or two to keep up the whiteness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missbazilb View Post
    Yeesh, I'm going to sound like a hobo compared to you guys!


    Shower (don't wash hair daily)
    Wash face
    Brush teeth
    50/50 chance with make-up (powder & mascara)
    Hair is left to dry naturally (I usually leave the conditioner in it and that's my "product", although I've been getting many compliments on my hair. I've truly mastered the "bed head" look!)

    I probably get my hair cut twice per year

    Pedicures - summer - probably about once per month
    winter - never

    Leg waxing - about every two months

    When I was ramping up for my wedding, I did do microdermabrasion twice a week, but I haven't done it since.

    I do try to put oil on my body after my shower, but lately that's fallen by the wayside as well.

    At least I don't smell bad

    Maybe it's a Canadian thing...I don't wash my hair every day. It is very hard on the hair and utterly unnecesary under ordinary circumstances. I shower or bathe every other day, unless it's hot, I've been gardening or working out. I find bathing daily dries out my skin, no matter how much expensive moisturizer I slather on. I do always wipe myself down though with a washcloth and use cologne and good-quality moisturizer.

    I always let my hair dry naturally unless it is a special occasion or something. I don't use many hair products -- I have very fine, blonde hair and they don't really work. I've tried them all. I have my hair cut and highlighted every 8 weeks or so.

    I'm not very hairy, but I shave my legs etc. twice a week.

    I usually always wear light makeup, unless I know I'm not leaving the house/yard and I'm not expecting company. Foundation and/or powder, lipstick, mascara and blush are essentials. Sometimes I use blush as eyeshadow if I'm in a hurry. I tweeze and shape my own brows weekly, although once in a while I'll get them threaded.

    I do my own pedicures monthly -- although the weather has been so crappy here, I've backslid a little, and I give myself manicures every week. I usually just wear clear polish or do a French manicure.

    I get a professional facial every few weeks, but do home microdermbrasion twice weekly. Taking care of my skin makes a huge difference in how much makeup I wear. I used to pay for manicures etc. but would rather spend the money on facials and massages -- I found a fantastic person nearby who's worth every penny.

    I brush my teeth at least twice daily, and do the whitening process as needed. I'm more diligent about it in the summer, tho.

    I do more now, especially for my skin, then I used to, but I'm not especially high maintenance.

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    I don't know how much tiume I spend getting ready but everyday I:
    Use Face mask
    Take shower
    lotion body
    brush/fix hair
    brush teeth/tounge scraper *has anyone used a tounge scraper before? It's great*
    sun screen/make up

    every weekend I:
    do my nails and toes * my bf does my fingers lol he should work at a beauty salon, and I do my toes because I can't stand my feet being touched..
    pluck myu horrible eyebrows
    and when I remember I get my hair cut or if I'm not too lazy I dye my hair.

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