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Thread: Has Anyone Used the Heated Eyelash Curler?

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    Oh,mercy! No on the needle idea! That gaget Novice has pictured is very good. I get pounds mixed up, but you can get one here at the drugstore for 89 cents! Keep it clean,though. Baby shampoo helps!

    Kitty, the main thing I have found is don't put the mascara on too quick. Wipe the tip off on a tissue and wave it around a bit. Then you get just the right amount. Just swoop on once if you possibly can. Look in you mirror profile. Most of the time you will have the perfect slight slope upward, barely there. Of course, make sure the mascara is fresh, old gets clunky. We are talking about 3 months,max.
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    Mascara: how to get it perfect

    September 30, 2011

    Brush with beauty ... beautiful mascara starts with the applicator.

    Applying eye makeup - mascara in particular - is one of the most time-consuming steps when a woman is getting ready to go out.
    Almost nothing else takes as much patience and control as getting the perfect wide-eye look by applying mascara to elongate and separate the eyelashes.
    But that goal can be elusive when the wrong applicator is used or when the hands are too unsteady. It's even worse when too much mascara is applied and the lashes end up looking like spider legs - unless, of course, that's the desired effect.

    For a lot of women putting on mascara is part of their morning ritual and is just as essential as combing their hair and brushing their teeth. The mascara is expected to do a lot. It should separate the lashes and make them look longer and thicker - like fake eyelashes that have been glued on.
    When it comes to mascara brushes, makeup brands try to out-do each other. There are bendable brushes, bushy brushes and brushes that come in elaborate containers.
    All of it leaves the average consumer asking which brush is designed to fulfill exactly what purpose. Experts say the most important consideration is the shape of the brush.
    "The brush has a big influence on the final outcome," says Stephan Schmied, makeup artist for Max Factor. He said the reason for the variety of shapes is that there are several goals: to create volume, to coat all the eyelashes and to reach even the finest lash. "The requirements are great and that's why there are so many different brush shapes."
    Women who place a lot of importance on having perfect makeup should choose a round brush, says Susanne Krammer, a makeup artist at Rimmel London. The radius of these brushes is usually small and that makes an exact application possible. "Even the smallest most hidden eyelashes in the corner of the eye can be reached," she adds.
    Women who frequently reapply their mascara should use bendable brushes because their bristles are relatively far apart and can easily be used to apply the product as often as desired, says Krammer.
    Women who seek accurately separated eyelashes should use bushy brush applicators to put on their mascara, Krammer said. The key to using these kinds of brushes, however, is having as little mascara on the brush as possible. Otherwise, the eyelashes could get clumpy the second or third time the brush goes over them.
    Another problem is nasty looking spider leg lashes caused by the age of the product. "Mascara begins to dry out slowly right after being opened," says Eric Schmidt-Mohan, a makeup artist at Manhattan Cosmetics. "The older it is, the pastier it becomes and therefore the harder it is to apply to the eyelashes."
    The wrong brush strokes also can lead to clumps in the lashes. Schmidt-Mohan's tip is to use the brush like a comb from the root of the eyelash to the tip. That's preferable to using a jerky motion along the arch of the lashes, he said.
    When eyelashes stick together, however, there is a special utensil for correcting the mascara mishap. It is a comb that easily separates them, Schmidt-Mohan says. If this isn't available, he recommends cleaning the mascara brush with a tissue and brushing the eyelashes again without any mascara on it.
    But perfectly separated eyelashes are not always what a woman wants. Spider leg lashes are sometimes the desired effect, especially in the autumn, says Krammer. To create the look, start by applying the mascara normally, Krammer says, then continually adding mascara by pressing the brush on the lashes until they clump together.

    Read more: Mascara: how to get it perfect

    I was told years ago by professional make up artists that the best way to apply mascara was the way described above, starting from the root of the lash and working to the tip, rather than across, but unless I'm going all out it looks a little overdone on my long lashes for everyday wear. I end up looking like I've got two spiders nesting under my rather thick eyebrows. I try to go easy on the eye make up.
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    Thanks everyone. Doing my lashes is probably the longest part of my makeup routine. I keep thinking that I should just go and get them professionally tinted so they are dark along the entire length rather than just half way. I used to have one of those little combs but if I remember correctly my roomie pinched it and used it to clean his keyboard (grrr) and I somehow never got around to replacing it.

    And the scary needle thing? Apparently it was something mentioned by Kate Moss as a beauty tip at some point in the distant past. Personally speaking it sounds like too much trouble and potentially painful for me to try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    Sorry for the bump, but McJag do you have any tips for making the most out of very log eyelashes without using a curler (I'd poke my bloody eye out) or ending up like Tammy Faye? My eyelashes are also very long and dark but light at the tips and if there's anything you can suggest to speed up getting mascara on without a clumpy effect but still showing my lashes to their best effect then I'd love to hear it. Someone suggested to me that I should do as they do and use a needle to separate the lashes after applying mascara but again the idea of sticking anything other than a mascara wand (and especially a needle!) near my eyes doesn't appeal.

    If you don't want to curl them and just want to have them all black, but "clean" looking... try Elizabeth Arden Double Density in black. I love it. This is the mascara I use when I want a more 'subtle' look to my lashes, but still complete my makeup (I don't like the look of makeup without mascara).
    I've never had it clump on me.

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    Here is the one I use from Sepora which costed around $5.00 in 2008 or 2009. It takes one AAA battery. It's a comfortable warm. I use it after applying mascara. It works wonders. Hold it on your lash line, then with move up slowly. I press back towards my eyelid to make them curl up better.

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