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Thread: Haircut disaster thread!

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    Who's had a mullet here?

    Aaaaahhhh!!!! My mom used to make me have those until age 7 and they looked so awful I would cry and beg my mom to leave my hair long. She said it was "cute" and "easier to take care of if I got lice from other kids at school". The second justification went down the drain when she let my older sister's hair grow out. If it were to catch lice I'd rather have had my hair shaved than "rock" a mullet. That scarred me for life and ever since I've conquered hair autonomy the shortest it's been is a little above waist-length (I won't even comment on the eggshell haircut she made me get after I first grew my hair long at 10).

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    cute hair, lafolie!
    white, black, puerto rican/everybody just a freakin'/good times were rollin'.

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