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Thread: Getting rid of hair... over there

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    i just had my first brazilian last week. so no big deal honestly. you get over the awkward position if you just pretend you are at the doctors office getting prepared for a colonoscopy (which i think would be way worse).

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    I usually just take three advil pm and go get waxed. The advil usually helps to relax me, makes the time pass faster, and deals with the pain. If you get waxed make sure you only stick with the same person.

    Old ladies are better because it doesn't feel weird.

    I made the mistake of getting the Brazilian wax done by someone I didn't usually go to and the bitch poured wax on everything all at once with a big cloth thing and ripped the shit out of me.

    I fled, half way done, and it hurt to walk for about three days. So make sure you go to some old bat that knows what she's doing.

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