The Aromatics Elixir is very strong. I usually spray some in the air and walk quickly through it. Another friend of mine loved the way it smelled on me and got some. On her, people told her she smelled like insecticide! She did too, its the body chemistry thing I guess.

Another Fav of mine is/was Halston. I wore it in Bartending class in the 90's and a guy told me, "Oh you smell like my Grandmothers cedar chest" and proceeded to sniff me! He meant it nicely, but geez, he could have said, "You smell like cedar"!

It brings back memories when I first met my second hubby too, he was at the time an OTR trucker. He would leave on a long haul and I'd slip something of mine under his pillow in the bunk, sprayed with Halston, as a reminder of me while gone on long hauls. He would say, "it smells like you in the bunk" and he always said I smelled great, now if he Hates it! LMAO! If I wear it now(15yrs later), he says, "Oh, God that sh*t stinks"!!!

As you age and your body chem changes, so do the perfumes you wear. I guess I should stick to "old lady" perfumes now! <looks for my Red Door and White Diamonds>