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Thread: Flat irons: Wet or dry? It doesn't matter!

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    I bought an ISO iron back in October and one of the "selling" points they used was that I could use it on my wet hair. The woman was telling me that doing so would help seal in the moisture. Of course this is as my hair was steaming away from the little bit of water she spritzed me with. Anyway, I have seriously frizzy hair and I've been cheating since October. I wash my hair every other day and most often let it air dry, except for the bangs. I use the flat iron on them and now I know why my hair has been breaking and has so many split ends in the front. I used to use a hairdryer and round vented metal brush. Apparently that's bad but my hair does not flatten well at all, ever. I've found that even with the hairdryer, I have to be extremely careful of the heat on my scalp. I noticed that my hair was thinning and when I stopped with the hairdryer, it got better. I guess I traded one bad for another though.
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    I don't blow dry my hair, use a curling iron or a straight iron and I use a ton of leave in conditioner. I don't tease my hair or use any products in it either like mousse or hairspray.
    The result is I have soft hair, sure, but I also have split ends and breakage.
    I say, do whatever pleases you, because even if you avoid all these things you will still have breakages and split ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisalucy69 View Post
    I have a Remington Wet 2 Straight, and use it frequently, but not everyday. It has several settings depending on hair type and whether hair is wet or dry. I love it. I have noticed no damage to my hair. In fact, my hair is healthy and shiny.
    Same here! I have pretty thick and wavy hair and this one works GREAT! I would never go back to a dry-only version.

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    Shoot some women don't need volume. Any one here with extremely thick hair can agree it's a curse. I envy woman with thin stick straight hair that can just wash and go. I need to put tons of crap in my hair and blow dry/straighten it so I don't have a fro.

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