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Thread: Fashion mavens still prefer light-skinned women

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    ^ I didn't want to say that I'd prefer a unnaturally skin tone :-) I'm pale too by the way.

    What I wanted to say is that I think it's more difficult to get a perfect make-up with a pale skin tone than with a darker skin tone.
    Also the contrast between the skin tone and the little imperfections are more visible.
    So don't get me wrong, I think pale can be very very beautiful!

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    ^ Don't worry, I knew what you meant. I think half the problem is that the makeup industry doesn't really cater to pale women... at least, in my experience. I find it really difficult to find a foundation light enough for my skin tone, so I'm lucky I only need to wear it when I'm on stage and stuff (for now).

    Also, when you sunburn (which, if you're like me, practically happens if you open the fridge without sunscreen on), there's nothing you can do about the lobstery redness, except wait for it to fade back to white! I spend much of the summer looking crimson and cranky. Stupid Aussie sun.

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