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Thread: Eyeshadow color?

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    Default Re: Eyeshadow color?

    Ooh, thanks MJ and AO! Great advice! Now that you mention it, I recall a makeover I had at the Nars counter once... the girl did a very dark green-black shadow on my lid, then swept and blended a light turquoise colour on top. That sounds like exactly what you suggested, and I already have the dark colour and the nice blending brushes.
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    Default Re: Eyeshadow color?

    my eyes are light greenish brown and i also have pale skin with a pink undertone.
    i tend to do a pretty dark eye so i wear lots of grey shadows (especially the granite coloured ones with a bit of gold flecks in them, they really bring out the different colours in my eyes), sometimes purples or dark blues.
    i would be careful with the light pastel shades. i find most of them look chalky or else are too shimmery and they make your eyes look weird. i don't think dark shadows make your eyes look smaller, it's all in how you apply them and it depends on how deep set your eyes are more than on their size. i also find light shades look best if you also use eyeliner.
    and i agree, don't forget the mascara!

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    Default Re: Eyeshadow color?

    Aww, NawdleZouss...i love the avatar, hun!! That was our hometown hero.

    long live the masta!!

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