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Thread: Eyeliner that smears and runs

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    I use a charcoal grey eyeshadow and a 'chisel' brush that's about 1cm wide but very very narrow so it more or less paints a line. I don't like the hard look of pencil eyeliner anyway (think Amy Winehouse) and using eyeshadow gives a much softer yet unsmudged look. It's also a lot easier to apply using the brush. But if you are working in such harsh weather conditions then I'm afraid keeping eyemakeup looking immaculate is impossible so you may have to experiment with a new 'look'? Waterproof mascara is pretty bombproof and if you wear enough of it you shouldn't need eyeliner too? It's a bugger to get off though LOL
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    Well I tried the concealer-on-the-eylid trick. Actually works pretty well! The eyeliner stays in place much better.

    Thanks for the tip!

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    I started using L'oreal HIP creame eyeliner, it's good doesn't move and comes off after a good (hard) scrub.

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    I would look into what brand of makeup synchronized swimmers use. That shit's water and sweat proof!

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    I have the same problem. Love black eyeliner and always wear it pretty much only on the top and it is forever running! I use neutral-colored eyeshadow and that helps it stick better.

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    Benefit cosmetics has a product called She Laq. Apply eyeliner and then use the shellaq over. Your eyeliner will stay put all day. I also use it on the outer part of my lips for good lipstick stamina. Works great.

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